QuickBooks Interface

$ 295.00

Save time with the QuickBooks Interface and post gifts from Exceed! Premier directly to QuickBooks.  Align your donor information with your accounting program. Keep your donor and gift information and accounting software synchronized with Exceed! Premier. Save time, be more productive, and get exceptional value while keeping your donor and gift information aligned with QuickBooks.

  • Save Time: Export donor and gift information without re-entering data. Post transactions, produce cash receipts and create journal entries.
  • Be more productive: Increase accuracy by entering data just once. Assign which accounts get credits and debits for each gift entry.
  • Get exceptional value: Exceed!’s QuickBooks Interface is very cost-effective – high quality and full-featured – giving you considerably more return on your investment.

 Want to learn more?  Click here to learn more about the module.

*This will module will increase your Exceed! Premier Annual Support fee by $59/year.

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